flying through this dusty wind
trying to find a safe place to land.
i’ve dirtied so much
Can’t find a fan, a safe place for the man.

sadness grinds at me like
the tire on my old car,
an old man, in an old bar
you know what that’s like?

straightening my glasses and posting the last thing, on my thing
blasted favorites
they are not more than me.


I am here

I wonder.
Each time I consider you,
I wonder.

Would you be the one to take this dream threw fruition?
Is it you that will take this bond I write within,
off of me so I might breath the air given to us by,
the breath of the universe?

I sob.
I sob when I remember you,
taken a breath close to my bed wondering,
will he live again? Will he live and love me,

I did.
I do.

I am here.

Sometimes I lean on the window in my office and look at the beautify of the summer.
Then other times I look out of the window of my office and I see people
living life as it should be lived. The way i would like to live it, however because
of a couple of apparently HORRID mistakes good life is no longer available to me.

Some say the things you do come back to haunt you, and perhaps that is true.
I would even say I deserve it. What I will also say is that it moves my mind to places
it should not be. Sadness. Sadness forever.
is that what I caused. if it is, the punishments fit the crimes.

I hope you never feel as bad as I do.

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