The Story

As we proceed…………….

I listen to myself when I think of these things and I understand why I can be perceived as many do or pretend to at the very least.
I am lonely. I am angry because I am lonely. I am angry because I am lonely because I have done things to cause my own loneliness.

So you see my most current dilemma.

Let me tell you more from the past.

I liked as many have lived,
with many of the “things” many have had.
I have smiled like the “Joker” and cried perhaps like you,
and the other things that are so much in the news,
it was normal life at 3 or 4 or 5.

Still knowing him now,
brings no pain
brings no suffering

I should stop now.
please accept my sincere thanks for listening.
I will come back and share again as soon as I can.
I promise.


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This is all about us not really there is much to be written but I cannot write it right now.

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