What is that velvet?

What is that velvet?

I had cleaned the kitchen and the vacuum was calling my name. There were a few
rooms that needed attention from both of us. I wasn’t tired this morning. I rested well and I sat with my sweety for a half hour this morning per usual. That is a time of day I enjoy. It’s so new and neither of us has had time to have anything happen that has pissed us off yet or disappointed us. Its my favorite time of day.

Oh gotta pee brb

ok so anyway. I’m moving the vacuum between it’s best locations and it is working well.
You know how vacuums can be sometimes. I’m lucky cause honey just bought a new one.
lol not that she will grade it very often but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I like making this better
and that’s how I feel about cleaning. It makes it better. I haven’t had that much experience in that arena so I’ll take it. Know what I mean?

hmmm ok so the carpet is clean. The kitchen is nice. The bed has been made and I have a load of laundry in the wash. Sounds like a perfect tim.

walking around once more to make sure it is all nice for when honey comes home I sit in my big chair and turn on some music. Sada – Is It A Crime. Love this song.

This damn check is so comfy. I’m going to miss you.

I relax and sit back slowly and grab my .357 and POP…………………………………………….

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