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We All Try

Let's All Try.

You’re fears are founded. I will never tell you anything other than that,
however you must find a way to live with them,
You must find an equal ground with your fears as if you
do not they will run your life and make all of your decisions for you
and this is something you and no one near you wants.

You and we want of you the thing that everyone wants. Happiness,
Excitement, adventure and newness tomorrow. If we cannot have these things is
there really a point to this pace we call life. This place we call the extension of normality?
I say no, but what weight does that carry. Me saying something is correct?
None I fear to imagine, however if it is what YOU believe it will be worth
what you want it to be worse. Perhaps even a new way of life
that gives you an opportunity to live life as happy as anyone can possibly
be, even at one moment of the happiest happy.

Let’s all try……………….



Yeah that’s some shit, but I guess I should tell you before I can expect you to understand.

So here is how it went.
I was surprised today, and that nearly never happens. Me being surprised.

I mean I am never, …… surprised.

I know the world is a piece of shit that keeps on smelling.
I know the morning will come, and this same shit will happen every damned day and I will sleep and then meet you here again to finish this terrible soup.

But anyway.

In walked a friend from around the block.
I swear I didn’t see her coming, and certainly not the way she did,and I’m glad she did. I’ve been lonely and new things never come but this was nice.

Thanks you

I Really needed that!

The end of life begins far before you die. The end of life is when you send the actions that made you enjoy your very existence. The end of life is never the same for any of us of course but I think we feel the same when it happens.

I think we feel the things we hold dear move from our bodies and perhaps even our minds. I think the time of death is so much more than the end of the process the body performs on a daily basis. I think the end of life means the end of the things we do that case us to do things that make us not necessarily want to be alive but have a feeling of import ants to the people, and places around you. I think once that no longer exists is the time that we begin to die.

I think this is the time I cells begin to stop really feeling they should reproduce.
What do you think?

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