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There were no pines quiet enough to listen to the cries coming from that man
so far from the people that anyone could hear him,
so pity him for his sins or what ever you are calling it now because he still does not care
for that one you call god and perhaps that is why his pain is so hard but then again
so is yours………….
forgive me for saying but you know it is true.

but again back to this horrid this i was repeating about it speaks like an old man
is guttural and some times spitting it’s words and smelling like a meal once eaten
and regurgitated….yuck.

ok so look.
This is your life.
Marilyn Manson
Get used to that shit.

You used to get shit that pleased the FUCK out of you literally and now you don’t.

You a damn 50 year old man, so buck the fuck up and live your life on the memories you can
release at night, or at least when you’re alone.

That shit you used to do some years ago will never fucking happen again so be a damn man
and stop feeling sorry for your own ass. It’s not pretty.
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