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Speak to each other.
Allow each other to know what you are thinking.
What is right in your life, and of course what is wrong.
Daily perhaps.

Allow your relationship to be full and helpful to you and your

What is the true point of being in a relationship if these things
are not done. What would the true nature of your relationship
be if you do not allow this to be your process?
What would be the true nature of your own existence if you do not share
with your closet ally the things most important in your life?
Perhaps a more important question is what would be the true nature
of your relationship if the person you are in a relationship with
does not share their deepest happinesses and sorrows with your?
What would be the point of that relationship?

Perhaps I should not call it a relationship, as I do not believe it
would apply if you do not share your most deepest thoughts, secrets,
desires, etc. In my opinion that would be more of a pairing of convenience.
Nothing more.

Be happy my friends.
Life is to short.


You MUST have something that you and your mate can come together with.
Something that you both enjoy and that you can both enjoy together.

If it important to spend time together doing these things with your mate,
and not only at the beginning of your relationship. That togetherness needs
to continue throughout in order to have a healthy enjoyable relationship.

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