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TongueWhat is it that you like when you like what you like?

Is it a thing that can be shared with the one one you spend most of your personal time with?
Is it with one that is secret from that one?

These are all questions I know but it is all I have for now, forgive me, if you can.

I remember seeing you in a club.
I was on the wall by the bathroom when you past by me. You’re eyes looked my way but you made certain it seemed you were not looking at me. Me? I looked right at you so you knew I wanted you.
In the bathroom you spent more time than you needed to, looking at your macup in the mirror, thinking about how you should walk when you left the bathroom. If I would still be there and if you should acknowledge me at all or not. Read more »



I wonder some times,
but right now I don’t believe I am wondering.

I believe I am considering why.
I am considering, what is real?
I am considering, what is it that makes us want to be.

I am a person, that I believe has never changed once I met my adult self.
I think I became someone that is ok. Read more »

Sign it as soon as you can because many things have been
discovered that can destroy a friendship in a matter of seconds.

Things that you could never have imagined that would destroy it.
Things you never believed was even a part of human life, can take
the heart of your friendship, and rip it from your chest within seconds.
Read more »

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