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Speak to each other.
Allow each other to know what you are thinking.
What is right in your life, and of course what is wrong.
Daily perhaps.

Allow your relationship to be full and helpful to you and your

What is the true point of being in a relationship if these things
are not done. What would the true nature of your relationship
be if you do not allow this to be your process?
What would be the true nature of your own existence if you do not share
with your closet ally the things most important in your life?
Perhaps a more important question is what would be the true nature
of your relationship if the person you are in a relationship with
does not share their deepest happinesses and sorrows with your?
What would be the point of that relationship?

Perhaps I should not call it a relationship, as I do not believe it
would apply if you do not share your most deepest thoughts, secrets,
desires, etc. In my opinion that would be more of a pairing of convenience.
Nothing more.

Be happy my friends.
Life is to short.


You need to know how to read people.
What to say to certain people about your life, your business and what not.

I am not saying it is bad but you must understand how what you say will be perceived

For example:

Let’s say you have a debilitating disease, accident, or mental illness.
Based on the thoughts and beliefs of some of the people in your life,
here things may not be enough to take their hard earned money, tax or otherwise.

So be careful what you say to people if you care how people think about you and the
other people in your life. Who knows the other people in your life who you are giving information
about may not want this information given out.

Just something to consider.

I think in my small life sometimes,
what is it all for?

There is nothing for me really
What is my joy?

It is not even giving anymore because they have taken the ability of that away from me, ha ha.

Yes I laugh at it because there is noting left to do.

I am a sad man when I consider it.

I am a sad man when I see me in the mirror when i shave on the rear occasions.

I used to shaved daily but is seems so useless now I rather not waste the razor for I will need to replace it, and where or where will the money come from other than that woman who has been loving me since the time I have , well you know then……..
yes I have had the drink but what else is there for I am alone once again but how can I be angry about it.

Most of it, hmmm all of it is my fault if i walk from the beginning of it all, ha ha no but it might as well be because if not i would be blaming Adam and he has enough on his shoulders with eve and all of that, ha ha

Ehhhhhh the circle continues and there is no real resolution, until, well yeah, there will be no resolution.

They try to tell you that there is a resolution but there is no such thing because we are made of things that are so far beyond is that we cannot even consider it. ha ha. ya the ha ha again because it is so very beyond us.

I come to you become there is nothing else and I don’t believe in you. I believe in something more that myself and you are the closest one that will accept me, so here I am.

I considered GOD, but found only god some time ago with my uncle who was a preacher in Myrtle Baptist Church in Louisiana. He worked with me as a mother’s brother would with her son, and I believed what I could but it all seemed so ridiculous. I did try but there never seemed to be a reality to it because the world continued to present it’s self as I pretended to be a deacon. So what did I do. As an early teen i took advantaged of my position and bedded every women in the name of “god” that I could. “AND I watched men in the church I new do the same thing”.

“blessings unto you”

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