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I wonder some times,
but right now I don’t believe I am wondering.

I believe I am considering why.
I am considering, what is real?
I am considering, what is it that makes us want to be.

I am a person, that I believe has never changed once I met my adult self.
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Happily Alone

I recently heard this father tell his son that it is important to participate in life, and my question to you is… what does that really mean?

Perhaps it could mean to take advantage of the opportunities that your experiences avail to you.

:having a girlfriend or boyfriend
:take a walk down the street
:feel the rain fall on your head
:learn to play chess
:write a novel
:see the ocean
:sit in the quiet and find out what it says to you
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Yes I was silenced there, but perhaps
I can sleek my mind here or shall it
remain within me to foster and stew?

I’ll use my voice here and if you choose
to hear me, so be it.


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This is all about us not really there is much to be written but I cannot write it right now.

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